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For over 8 years, the Dietronic SRL company has been dealing with the controlled lubrication of sheet metal. The evolving technology of lubricants used in metal forming, has led our company to develop customized solutions for every need.

Our products are divided into:

The need for solutions that are more environmentally friendly has allowed us to develop systems that can optimize the application of lubricant to the plate with a huge reduction in fuel consumption, and consequently to benefit from all the critical consequences caused by excessive application of lubricant in the production cycle after deformation.
In addition, the advantages of uniform, constant and repeatable application has raised the standard of quality of the final product, while at the same time reducing the energy levels needed for the realization of the molded part.
In the field of metal forming, application and type of lubricant used are important factors, as well as the quality of the finished piece for a reduction of wear of the molds, which is a very critical factor in this application.

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